About The Founder

Jeff started Medellin Matchmaker with one goal in mind: to help men like you find the love of your life just like Jeff found his.

Meet Jeff. He was born in the USA, but now he lives his dream life with the woman he loves. 


When Jeff moved to Colombia, he had heard amazing stories about the beautiful women of Colombia. But he soon realized how difficult it was to meet these women. The culture is very different from the USA, and strangers can be understandably cautious toward one another. After some challenging dates, and over a year wasted on other dating apps and online services, Jeff finally met Natalia.


Together, they realized there must be a better, safer way for a successful man to meet a quality Colombian woman. That’s why Jeff started Medellin Matchmaker. He wants to make your search for love as painless and simple as possible. Working with Natalia and a small team, Jeff provides professional matchmaking services to successful men interested in a long-term committed relationship.

Why Jeff?

Jeff has always been a “connector.” He’s the guy that friends call to ask if he knows someone who can help them with various things. Jeff is that trustworthy friend everyone relies on.

Jeff is a “people person.” When he decided to permanently stay in Medellin to be with Natalia, the love of his life, her family and friends welcomed him like he was one of their own.

Natalia, along with family, friends, and other select recruiters, are the ones searching diligently for quality Colombian women who desire a serious relationship. Through recruitment efforts and word of mouth, Jeff has created a database of women carefully screened by the Medellin Matchmaker team. 

Why Choose the Medellin Matchmaker?

The exciting search for a loving partnership is the reason that Medellin Matchmaker exists. Jeff, with Natalia’s help, founded the service to help single men and Colombian women find a meaningful, lasting relationship, just like Jeff and Natalia did.

With Medellin Matchmaker, you can take the time to get to know the woman you choose – because we understand that great relationships take time to build.

“It wasn’t love at first sight,” Natalia says about Jeff. “It took several months of phone calls, text messages, and dates before I realized that he’s the one.”

Perhaps you’re wondering if a Colombian woman would be interested in someone like you?

“Definitely!” Natalia says, “Most Paisa women prefer foreigners because of the respect and security they provide. They are more fun and there is always a plan, from going to dinner and dancing, day trips to great places and just exploring Medellin.”