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I can’t say enough good things about Jeff and Natalia. From the first call, Jeff has been amazing to deal with. Whether he was trying to determine what I was looking for in a potential match or give me sightseeing recommendations during my trip, he was genuine and I felt looking out for my best interests. Natalia was so knowledgeable of what was best for me that when I found one match that I was interested in getting to know better after the date and told them, she exclaimed, “I knew it!” when I finally came to the same realization much later.

I met three wonderful woman over my trip of five days to Colombia. Although they were all unique in their own way, I connected on some level with each of them. Medellin Matchmaker gave me lots of choices and helped to me find my unicorn – a woman that I was looking for but wasn’t sure existed. She did exist, as it turns out, I was just looking in the wrong place.

I had a great time in Colombia as well. Jeff and Natalia picked out excellent restaurants in an area of Medellin with lots of nightlife options. The city of Medellin and the Colombian countryside is also worth exploring as well, if you are so inclined.

In summary, if you are looking for a match – reach out to Medellin Matchmaker. You won’t be disappointed.

– MT


Jeff and Natalia provided nothing less than concierge personalized service. They really make you feel that you are their one and only client.

They introduced me to fully-vetted quality Colombian women that completely matched what I was looking for.

Jeff and Natalia’s service exceeded my expectations, and I would not hesitate recommending Medellin Matchmaker to anyone wanting to bypass the difficulties of meeting a quality Colombian woman.

– Chris


Jeff and Natalia are real diamonds, and I could not be happier! Their bespoke and personal service alleviates any concerns while dating in Colombia. The service is impeccable, and the matchmaking service is tailored specifically to what you are looking for in finding your future partner.

– Mr. S from UK

Men Testimonials


After conducting a thorough search, I decided to give Medellin Matchmaking a chance. Jeff and Natalia make a wonderful team. Our initial conversation took place over the phone, during which Jeff took the time to understand my expectations and candidly explained the services offered by the company. He provided me with a list of women who matched my preferences and assisted me in selecting hotels and arranging transportation from the airport. Jeff even introduced me to one of his friends who kindly offered to drive me around town. I had the pleasure of meeting four amazing women, and I am currently in touch with two of them. Medellin Matchmaking exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a similar service

– Kalana


Jeff and Natalie have created a Medellín matchmaking service that is nothing short of remarkable. In an age where connections and personal relationships matter more than ever, they have managed to masterfully bridge the gap between people, making it a seamless and incredibly personal experience.

What sets Jeff and Natalie apart is their unwavering dedication and their unique ability to infuse a personal touch into every interaction. They go above and beyond to ensure that each connection they facilitate is meaningful and tailored to the individual’s needs. It’s not just about making connections; it’s about making the right connections.

I had the pleasure of using their service, and I can confidently say that the experience exceeded my expectations. From the very first interaction, I could tell that they truly care about their clients. They took the time to understand my preferences and requirements, and the connections they introduced me to were spot on.

If you’re in search of a matchmaking service that not only connects people but does so with a genuine and personal touch, I wholeheartedly encourage you to reach out to Jeff and Natalie’s Medellín matchmaking service. You’ll quickly realize that they are in a league of their own when it comes to making connections that matter. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll likely find, as I did, that they have a unique ability to bring people together in a way that makes a real difference.

– JM


I’d had good success dating around in the US, but I was interested in seeking a woman out in Colombia because I thought they were higher quality, and boy was I right. The next hurdle I ran into was how to actually find a great woman. I didn’t want to go to dating apps like Tinder because it was gonna be a mixed bag of fake profiles and other types of women that I would not like. I wanted a trusted source to make the entire process easier.

This is when I came across Jeff and Natalia’s company Medellin MatchMaker. Right away, he seemed very legit. I hopped on a call with Jeff and the entire process was super smooth. Shortly thereafter, I flew into Medellin and had 5 dates lined up. I had a short trip and made the most of my time there meeting women. There was 1 that I especially liked that I’ve kept in touch with. I’m excited to see where that relationship goes.

Overall, it was a great experience. Very smooth from start to finish. Jeff said he’d do something and he got it done. He and Natalia performed everything they said they would. I’d definitely use them again if I needed to — but I don’t think I do because he did such a great job in the first place.

– Victor


I just want to say the Medellin matchmaker is as legit as they come. From the screening process to the professional introductions, there’s no other people I’d rather have set me up. It was great and I met a wonderful girl who shared all my values and everything I was looking for.

– Jacob


Out of the many reasons why you should choose Jeff and Natalia to work with, I will give you my top 5:

1. They care. Simple as that. They want both sides to feel comfortable with each other, so they take into account every single detail
2. Their personal approach: the more I spoke to Jeff and Natalia, the more I felt like talking to friends who understood my preferences and wanted the best for me
3. As an international couple, they understand the basics that must be there for a potential match: language, shared interests, life style, and long-term goals, among others
4. Transparency: their communication was smooth, clear, and flexible from the very beginning and throughout all the process
5. They exceeded my expectations: with their vetting and getting-to-know-me process, I had high-quality matches with women that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise

I could go on but you get the point; I’m sure you will get all I’m saying once you speak to them!

– Juan

Testimonio de Mujeres


Medellin matchmaker para mi, fue una gran experiencia desde el primer día, te brindan tanto respaldo en todo el proceso desde la selección hasta que inicias el proceso de citas, cada proceso muestra lo cuidadoso qué son al seleccionar candidatos (as), lo que te permite conocer a las personas que deseas sintiendote seguro, además de la gran experiencia de la velada, las atenciones con el transporte que te moviliza todo hace parte del momento especial, me siento muy feliz de haber conocido una agencia tan profesional,qué me brindo la oportunidad de conocer a un hombre maravilloso, gracias a Medellin matchmaker por todo su acompañamiento y por preocuparse por la integridad y el cuidado de cada una de las partes que decidimos creer en el amor bajo un concepto diferente.

– Anilly

Testimonio de Mujeres


Agradezco mucho su ayuda y acompañamiento, fueron muy diligentes, dispuestos a escuchar y amables con mis inquietudes.

En la cita me sentí segura y tranquila ya que estuvisteis pendiente en todo momento, desde que salí de casa hasta que llegue.
Las citas son chéveres y el ambiente es bueno ya que las personas están dispuestas a tener una relación seria y estable. Pienso que es mucho más seguro y personal que las aplicaciones convencionales.

– Dennys


Estoy muy agradecida con la agencia Medellín matchmaker , tienen una atención personalizada y realmente escuchan lo que quieres en una pareja, gracias a ustedes estoy conociendo a un hombre maravilloso, los recomiendo 100%

– Angélica


Es una empresa muy organizada, actualmente con servicio de calidad, confiabilidad y respeto. Estoy feliz de haberme inscrito porque gracias a esta maravillosa empresa encontré un hombre único y especial.

– Laura