Finca Bliss: A Colombian Countryside Escape Into Nature’s Embrace

In Colombia, the life of Medellin fades into the serene countryside lies a hidden gem – the finca. It’s not just a country property; it’s a haven of nature, a slice of rural paradise. Join me and Natalia on a journey to my friend’s finca, nestled 90 minutes away in the quaint town of Abejoral, a place where the rhythm of life slows down, and the land sprawls generously across 150 acres.

Discovering the Charms of Abejoral

Abejoral is a pueblo with character. The town square exudes a unique charm, and the warmth of the people is as comforting as a cup of Colombian coffee. It’s in these small towns that you truly grasp the heart and soul of Colombia, where every corner has a story to tell, and every smile is a testament to the richness of community life.

A Finca Wonderland

Now, let’s talk about the finca – a retreat that embraces the essence of Colombian agriculture. Avocado trees stand tall, coffee trees flourish, and tomatoes add a burst of color to the landscape. It’s not just a farm; it’s a living canvas painted with the hues of nature. And then there are the residents – a few cows grazing lazily, horses galloping freely, and donkeys adding a touch of rustic charm. The harmony of dogs barking and cats prowling completes the symphony of farm life.

Hiking Trails and Streams

But what sets this finca apart is the adventure it offers. Picture this: multiple streams weaving through the land, inviting you to dip your toes or take a refreshing swim. The real thrill, however, lies in the hiking trails. This isn’t your leisurely stroll; it’s a dance with nature, a chance to conquer the landscape with every step. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, this is nature’s playground.

The Flavor of the Pueblos

What makes these small towns and their fincas truly magical is the distinct flavor they bring to the Colombian experience. It is about the authenticity of life. Every finca has its own story, and every pueblo has its unique spice. It’s an invitation to savor the true essence of Colombia, away from the tourist hubs and closer to the heart of the land.

Renting Your Finca Escape

Now, the best part is that you don’t need to own a finca to relish this experience. Finca rentals are aplenty, offering an affordable ticket to a weekend getaway surrounded by nature’s bounty. Whether it’s a family retreat or a solo escapade, the charm of a Finca is accessible to all. And if you’re fortunate enough to have a partner to explore Finca, consider yourself blessed with an invitation to paradise.

Embrace the Outdoors

In a world dominated by screens and city lights, a Finca adventure is an invitation to explore the outdoors. It’s a chance to trade the urban hustle for the soothing sounds of nature, to swap the concrete jungle for a landscape painted in hues of green and blue. So, whether you’re a nature enthusiast or just looking for a break from the ordinary, a finca escapade awaits, promising not just a retreat but an immersion into the soul of Colombia’s countryside.

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