Things to do with your “Paisa” partner

Jericó Antioquia With my Colombian Partner

Today we are going to talk about Jericó another great spot to visit with your Paisa partner.  We love pueblear, Jericó is about 2 1/2 hours away from Medellín on our motorcycle.

There is actually a brand new road that is under construction and part of it is open. It is a beautiful USA style highway with two lanes in each direction, there is a few new tunnels and bridges to help as well.

Is Traveling in Colombia worth it?

Colombia is a very diverse country, and it offers a lot of things to do with your paisa partner, from beautiful beaches and seas to  high mountain tops with lots of life and pure air. Every “Pueblo” has its own thing and people are awesome with travelers like us, great hospitality, you’ll always feel welcome.

What To Do In Jericó Antioquia?

The town is typical with a very active main park and Church square. Jericó is known for great leather products and also the local coffee. While visiting the town you can take a walk thru the Jardin Botanico de Jericó. It is nice as you walk through it up to the Cristo Rey. There is a few nice restaurants for pastry, lunch and dinner. We have been to Jericó a few times next time we will spend the night in one of the quaint hotels.

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