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Tamesis Antioquia With my Colombian Partner

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Today we’re going to talk about another amazing little town called Támesis. Generally, when we travel on the motorcycle if it’s more than a 3-hour ride we like to spend the night. Támesis is about 3 1/2 hours on our motorcycle. If there are fun things to do in the town we are traveling to, we like to spend two nights. 

Is Traveling in Colombia worth it?

One of the amazing things about Colombia is the major new infrastructure projects that are happening all around the country. New superhighways, massive tunnels, and huge bridges.

What To Do In Támeis Antioquia?

Tamesis is one of the towns where we have spent two nights. There is a lot to do there including a beautiful walk/hike on a flower filled road with many fincas and homes. This is on the way to the river that has a cool suspension bridge (as you can see below). The hike down to it is a little steep but nothing to bad. There is also a Cristo Rey statue that is a nice hike to as well.
We have stayed at a great hotel called Acantos Hotel Campestre. It has beautiful grounds, helpful and nice owners. We are planning on returning to sight see again soon.

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